has discontinued operation as of February 1 2009. has thrived as a writing community since its launch in the Spring of 2006. We have seen over 50,000 posts by over 15,000 different writers, numerous (self-organized) meet-ups around the country, and dozens of features on some of the Internet's most popular websites.

Sadly, could not be economically sustained. Though the site attracted a base of dedicated writers, the advertising market that caters to writers is neither large nor fast-growing; even given alternative business models, we could not afford the maintenance and labor required to sustain TIBU.

If you have any remaining questions regarding your account, you can e-mail

Again, we cannot tell you how sad we are to announce this. We are extremely proud of the community we have built at We hope that you will continue to practice the art of writing through other venues.

All our best,
bill and Elle Dee